Candace Cameron Bure Flamed for ‘Conservative in Hollywood’ TikTok


Candace Cameron Bure is getting obliterated on TikTok after asking if she’s “the drama” for being “conservative in Hollywood” in a now-viral video.

In the video, Bure lip-synchs to a popular TikTok audio asking: “Is it me? Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama. Maybe I am. … I don’t think I’m the villain.”

“When your conservative in Hollywood,” text overlay on the clip, which garnered over 8.1 million views and 1.2 million comments, reads. The video was posted this week.


Viewers in her comments section are divided, with some defending Bure and her political beliefs.

“If you suddenly stopped liking her just because she doesn’t have the same opinion as you, you are part of the problem in America right now,” one said.

“Imagine being the 8th most famous actor from a show three decades ago and thinking you’re ‘in Hollywood,’” another wrote.

Many TikTok users are also now brutally stitching the actress, who gained notoriety with her portrayal of D.J. Tanner in the fan-favorite TV show Full House in the ’80s and ’90s.

“You ain’t in Hollywood,” @Iamblackmorty says in one viral stitch. “You in Hallmark movies, baby. Also, the title of this sound is ‘I’m a socialist.’ Also, there’s a drag queen speaking. I’m so glad you’re down for both.”


#stitch with @candacecameronb CCB 🤝 socialism #politics #liberal

♬ original sound – Ben Keenan

Another TikToker took the opportunity to share an alleged story of Bure, claiming to have gone to school with her daughter. The TikToker says that Bure treated her and her mom like “fans” during one encounter.



#stitch with @candacecameronb I have more stories but it’s great to see that her ego is still intact after all these years 😭#storytime #who? #shady

♬ original sound – Issy🇹🇹🇮🇳

“How are you the drama?” another user asks in his stitch. “You’re just another washed-up celebrity turned anti-vax. You’re like clipart. Or Windows stock photo images. Bye.”


#stitch with @candacecameronb


♬ original sound – 🔥🔥✨Haus of Petty✨🔥🔥

The Daily Dot has reached out to representation for Bure for comment regarding the video.

*First Published: Oct 22, 2021, 9:06 am CDT

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