Brandon Ingram Blocked Frank Jackson, Screamed, Got Ejected


Brandon Ingram got to watch the final few minutes of the New Orleans Pelicans’ game against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night. The Pelicans were up by double-digits in the game’s final two minutes, and with Detroit in need of a whole lot of very quick baskets, Frank Jackson got the ball, attacked the rim, and went up for a layup.

His issue was Ingram was waiting for him at the rim, and because Ingram is taller and has very long arms, he was able to block this very easily and emphatically. After it happened, Jackson went the deck, so Ingram bent over and lovingly flexed and screamed in his face.

One referee did not think there was a whole lot of love going on here, and as a result, Ingram got booted from the game.


Now, it’s worth mentioning a few things here. Ingram and Jackson both went to Duke, with the latter enrolling one year after the former was a standout for the Blue Devils. Then, after Ingram was traded by the Lakers to New Orleans, the pair spent some time as teammates before Jackson made his way up to Detroit. This explains why Jackson, after the game, expressed that Ingram was just having some fun.

The Pelicans won, 111-101.


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