Brad Leone Takes On the Pork Roll


Pork roll or Taylor ham, depending on where you live, is a cured meat product that’s similar to bologna but with more character, flavor and texture. Now Olympia Provisions, a meat company in Portland, Ore., has collaborated with Brad Leone, a chef and video star at Bon Appétit, to make its own mildly smoky version using local pasture-raised pork. It’s the first product that’s also labeled Leone & Sons, a company being developed by Mr. Leone. Sizzled on a griddle or a grill, this pork roll does the trick in a breakfast sandwich. Cube and skewer it with olives for cocktail snacks or sear pieces with cheese for sliders and cue the playoffs.


Pork Roll, Olympia Provisions With Brad Leone of Leone & Sons, 20 ounces, $55,

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