Bo Nix Kept Avoiding Disaster On One Of The Most Chaotic TDs Ever


Bo Nix has been one of the most thrilling quarterbacks in college football from the second he stepped on campus at Auburn. This is not necessarily a good thing — while Nix has provided Tigers fans with some extremely fun moments, there have been occasions where he gets a little too wound up and something terrible happens.

This play against LSU seemed like it was primed to be that second thing. The Tigers faced a fourth-and-2 in LSU territory about halfway through the second quarter on Saturday night and facing a 13-0 deficit. Nix took the snap, rolled out to his right, tried to hit one of his pass catchers who were taken totally away, and then, something ridiculous happened.

Nix covered, if I have to estimate, 50-plus yards just running around trying to avoid defenders who wanted to wrap him up and take him down. When someone finally got their hands on him, he just let one rip and threw a dart to Tyler Fromm, who caught it in the end zone. I promise you that the sequence of events is more ridiculous than I could ever put into words, just watch it.


You are probably not seeing a QB do something more ridiculous than this during the 2021 college football season.

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