Blake Griffin And John Cena Were Guests For An SNL ‘The Bachelor’ Spoof


Saturday Night Live‘s 47th season entered its second week with Kim Kardashian as host, but plenty of special guests also joining the show to help out.

One sketch in particular was loaded with guests stars, as they did a The Bachelorette spoof — The Dream Guy — with a number of stars from the world of entertainment making cameos and vying for Kim Kardashian’s love. Among them were Chase Crawford, Chris Rock, and Jesse Williams, but sticking out in a big way was Blake Griffin, who lurked not so subtly in the back line. Griffin earned a token despite his “inexcusable” behavior at the luau BBQ.

The sketch closes with Kim making the very difficult choice of having to pick between “Zeke” and John Cena, noting that Cena being married was certainly a difficult hurdle to clear in a potential relationship. Ultimately, she did choose the WWE superstar turned movie star, who continues to flaunt his comedic chops — Blockers

is still one of the best comedy movies of the last decade. As for Griffin, I have to believe this won’t be his only SNL pop-in while he’s with the Nets, as his love of comedy is well known and his ability to play the absurd with a straight face (while also being gigantic) figures to have plenty of use on SNL.


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