Beverley’s Chris Paul Rant Was Weird Behavior


Few people enjoyed watching the downfall of Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns on Sunday night more than Patrick Beverley, who gleefully tweeted through it and then arrived to ESPN’s Seaport Studios on Monday morning bright and early to dance on their graves.

Beverley did the full morning car wash on ESPN, joining Get Up! and First Take for multiple segments to bury Paul, in particular, for his poor showing in Game 7 and really the final five games of the series. The Timberwolves instigator called Paul a “cone” on defense and said he can’t guard anybody, to the dismay of Stephen A. Smith, and then said the Suns should’ve benched Paul instead of Ayton, which JJ Redick partially agreed with. He would then go on First Take and say no one was afraid of the Suns by noting he was talking to Paul George about that last night during the game.

All of this was a lot and while it was highly entertaining, it seemed very personal and Damian Lillard posed the question that was on the minds of many.


He seemed to mostly take issue with Beverley acting like he spoke for the entire NBA and pulling poor Paul George into the mix by airing out their private conversation.

There were some who pointed out that Paul buried the Clippers in the conference finals a year ago, putting 41 points on Beverley and the L.A. defense in Game 6, which very well may have contributed to the Clippers moving on from Patrick this offseason. This still feels deeper than “he cooked us” because Beverley was quick to note Doncic did the same and that was why he was picking the Mavs to win Game 7 when he was on ESPN over the weekend. While Beverley is free to speak his mind — and ESPN clearly enjoyed his presence as it had everyone buzzing — Dame seems to think he should maybe speak only from his perspective and not claim to speak for the league when he’s going to back the bus over a future Hall of Famer.


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