Bennedict Mathurin Threw Down A Vicious Dunk On TCU’s Eddie Lampkin Jr.


Bennedict Mathurin has long been a highly rated prospect, thanks in large part to his supreme athleticism and ability to get downhill and attack the rim.

On Sunday night against TCU, he showed off all of that ability on a second half dunk that blew the lid off of the arena and had everyone from the announcers to the bench to even his teammates on the court with him losing their minds for a few seconds. After the ball entered the post, Mathurin made a nice cut to the elbow to slip by his defender and caught the ball on the move with bad intentions, lined up big Eddie Lampkin Jr., and reared back for the dunk of the tournament thus far.


It is as vicious a poster dunk as you’ll see and, for my money, it moves ahead of Jabari Smith’s exclamation point

in Auburn’s win over Jacksonville State on Friday. The way he cocks it back, absorbs the contact from the bigger Lampkin, and then punches it home with authority is just beautiful stuff.

Like the Smith dunk, it led to some incredible reactions, with the Arizona bench all losing their collective minds, but my favorite is No. 4, Dalen Terry, who starts jumping up and down and pumping his fist while on the court and getting back on defense. It was the kind of moment the Wildcats needed in a game where they found themselves in a bit of an unexpected dogfight with the Horned Frogs, and seemed to offer a lift of energy when Arizona started to open up a lead.


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