Bear Treks Across The United States In Search Of Love


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People across the country have become fascinated by a black bear named Bruno and his arduous cross-country journey.

Bruno has trekked more than 400 miles across the United States — and he’s been spotted everywhere from Iowa to Missouri to Illinois.

Bruno was first spotted in May 2020 in Gillingham, Wisconsin. He reportedly made his way south and swam across the Mississippi River.

Biologists say it’s quite possible that Bruno is on a migrating mission to find a mate.


As the bear made it to Missouri, he found himself in a tough spot when he ended up near busy roadways and an influx of travelers.


According to USA Today, “Missouri conservation agents tracked the bear, which on Sunday ‘cornered himself’ north of Interstate 70 and near Interstate 40, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. There, a crowd of 400 onlookers gathered.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation had to press pause on Bruno’s quest. He was tranquilized for his own safety, and for the safety of the public.


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