Animal Lover Gets Lifted 40 Feet In The Air By Crane To Save A Cow


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Every living creature deserves to be treated with this type of respect and compassion.

In October 2020, a man in central India spotted a helpless cow in desperate need of help.


The large, gentle animal had been grazing near a weed and grass-covered pond when he got stuck in the boggy, marshy land.

The cow was literally “hanging on for dear life,” using the tangled plants to balance his weight as he slowly sunk into the wet earth beneath his hooves.


The concerned citizen immediately contacted Goputra Sena, a non-profit animal rescue organization led by Vinit Torwal, who arrived at the scene to help.


Vinit and his small team of rescuers poked a pole through the ground and discovered the water was 18-foot-deep.

Not only that, but they quickly realized that the plants were far too fragile to carry their own weight, let alone the cow.


And so, Vinit was lifted 40 feet up into the air, using a crane, to save the poor animal. He was attached to the bucket of the crane using a piece of fabric.

However, Vinit could not fit the safety harness around the cow. With the help of a team member, they began to lift the cow to safety… and the rescue was a total success.

See the amazing, compassionate, and death-defying rescue in the clip below.

Video Credit: Newsflare


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