An Adorable Koala Joey Was Born In Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


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Looking for a story that’ll brighten your day? Just look at the news coming from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Located in Ohio, the zoo is popular for many reasons, but one is its expansive size. The zoo holds 18 reservations and is also a popular spot for golf.

But golf hasn’t been the main attraction these days. That would be a brand-new koala joey who was born at the zoo. This is the first koala birth at the zoo in 10 years, so it makes sense why people are celebrating.

The birth of a koala is quite an interesting thing. For their first six months, they stay in their mom’s pouch.


When they’re first born, they still have a lot of developing to do. “A newborn joey looks just like a pink jellybean!” writes the Australia Koala Foundation. “It’s about 2 centimeters long, has no fur and its eyes and ears are not yet fully formed. Koala joeys are born without fur, and with their eyes and ears not yet fully developed.”

That’s where the mom’s pouch comes in. After a few months, the koala joey peeks out of his mom’s pouch to feed. It isn’t until around 7 months old until the joey feels comfortable enough to leave mom’s pouch and really start exploring the world.

Of course, this joey happens to be particularly adorable, and the family pictures shown off by the zoo are very cute. Watch the video to learn more about Ohio’s most popular marsupial.


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