Aaron Rodgers Will Get The Chance To Guest Host ‘Jeopardy!’


The unfortunate end of an era has come in the world of Jeopardy! The death of Alex Trebek after a bout with pancreatic cancer occurred late last year, and at the conclusion of last week, the program ran through all of the episodes that were filmed before his passing.

This has led to a ton of speculation about who will take over the reins of the television institution, which Trebek had hosted since 1984. Figuring that out on a full-time basis is still up in the air, but we have seen the show experiment in the aftermath of his death, with Jeopardy! GOAT and person who is speculated to be a potential full-time host Ken Jennings getting a crack at things this week.

Once his residency on the Jeopardy! stage is done, the show will move on to other guests. One such person will be Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and revealed that he’s going to spend some time at the lectern where his “idol” once stood.


“They’re doing some guest hosting spots, and it’s gonna be released here pretty soon, but I got the opportunity to do one of those,” the odds-on favorite to win the NFL MVP award said.

As Rodgers mentioned in the clip, he has appeared on the show in the past. His Celebrity Jeopardy! cameo went well, as he knocked off Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary and former astronaut/current U.S. Senator Mark Kelly to win $50,000 for Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer. There’s no word on when it will air, but at the very least, we don’t expect him to try and make this a permanent move any time soon as long as he keeps up his play on the gridiron.

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