A Stepmom Thinks She Crossed Boundaries By Adding Her Stepkids In Family Photos


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Families come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, people don’t get it right during their first marriage and find happiness with their second.

And many times, these arrangements work out perfectly.

But sometimes, when kids are involved, some lines may be a little skewed. And that’s why one stepmom went on Reddit.

“My husband passed away four years ago,” she wrote. “Still, our home is just as much his kids (15 and 17) as it is ours. They still have keys to the house, their own bedrooms, and spend a ton of time over. As they’ve gotten older and started driving themselves, the communication with their mom has dwindled a bit.”


The stepmom continued, “I’ve invited her over but she said we weren’t close before he passed and will not be close now. Blunt, but honest and I respect it.”

As many stepmothers know, trying to keep the peace with their husband’s first wife is one of the hardest challenges to conquer. However, it seems as if this stepmom respects her boundaries. Sometimes, being able to tolerate each other is good enough. A friendship doesn’t have to develop.

That said, she is absolutely enamored with her stepchildren. “I adore these kids,” she said. “I’ve known them since they were one and three years old. They’re family. We hadn’t had family photos done since before my husband got sick so when I was ready to get new ones done, it seemed obvious that they would be in them.” From the outside, it seemed like a sweet plan. Who doesn’t like professional photos?


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