A Sixers Fan Hit On 20 During An In-Arena Blackjack Game


A time-honored tradition of NBA in-arena entertainment is getting incredibly frustrated at whatever fan fails at a game or challenge. Whether it be a halfcourt shot that doesn’t even come close to making it to the basket or someone making a terrible guess at trivia, part of the allure of the Jumbotron games is the belief that, if you were ever put in that position you would succeed and win the prize.

On Monday night in Philadelphia, we got an all time Jumbotron Hall of Shame moment during a casino-sponsored game of blackjack, where the fan simply was trying to beat the Sixers mascot, Franklin, serving as the dealer for a prize. What transpires during this game is something absolutely awe-inspiringly dumb.

First off, hitting 17 against a 7 is decidedly not a “by the book” move, but he is somehow rewarded for that with a 3, which is the second-best possible outcome. When I first saw this video, I assumed that was going to be the crazy part, but he then hits a 20 to the dismay of the arena host, the entire crowd, and even Franklin appears to be judging him as he slams a jack down on the table to give the fan 30, which is an incredibly difficult total to get to in a game of blackjack.


I have seen a lot of things at a blackjack table that have baffled (and infuriated) me. I’ve seen someone split 10s four times. I’ve seen people stay on 14 against a face card. But never in my life have I seen someone hit 20. It is such a terrible decision that I’m almost impressed by it.

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