A Rescued Sloth From Venezuela Calmly Gets Its Head Scratched


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Sloths are a great reminder that sometimes it’s nice to take it slow. But sadly, our lives can’t parallel that of a sloth for too long.

Otherwise, we would never get anything done.

The animal has become a fan favorite. Many people’s first introduction to Kristen Bell was in 2013, when she had a meltdown over a sloth that husband Dax Shepard brought to the house for her birthday. The clip, which aired on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, quickly went viral and brought more attention to the intriguing mammal. Sloths sleep for about 20 hours a day and are believed to move slowly as a way to avoid being seen by predators — namely, hawks and cats


In fact, one of the biggest activities in a sloth’s week is going to the bathroom.

Three-toed sloths are a bit friendlier than two-toed sloths. That said, three-toed sloths don’t usually enjoy being in captivity, which means they would make bad pets. Especially considering that all wild animals have the potential of becoming dangerous if domesticated. Still, it doesn’t mean that sloths and humans can’t cohabitate peacefully.

Just look at this rescued sloth from Venezuela. On July 29, this sloth was spotted clamoring for its human friend to pet it, treasuring all of the attention it could get. Should this cute video inspire you to buy a sloth? No, but at least it’ll help you appreciate the animal even more than you already do. Watch the video, and prepare to feel soothed.

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