5 Must-Read NFT Articles for Blockchain Enthusiasts


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NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it is like a digital certificate of authenticity.


While 2020 remained a slow year for many markets, it was one of the best years for NFTs. There was a rise from $44 Million to $338 Million over a course of two years, and 2020 remains the year that experienced the maximum rise because everyone was forced to digitize a lot of their lives.

To keep you up to date on all the latest in NFTs, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 articles that you must read if you are curious about non-fungible tokens, how they function, and current trends in the space.

This article educates you about the top 5 NFT projects that are hot and trending in the market.

It starts with a discussion on how NFTs gained a huge market in recent times and moves ahead with a brief discussion about the reasons that made it so successful. 

This article is a must-read if arts and entertainment interest you even a bit. Here we discuss five such games and other projects that are taking NFT and crypto to yet another level.


If you are a gamer this might interest you. Imagine doing something that you love a lot and being paid for it. That’s exactly the motto of this article in a line. The article explains how blockchain is enabling you to monetize your gaming skills. 

If you are a strong believer in facts before results this article is for you. This starts with a clear explanation of blockchain and then further tells you how companies/brands use it to monetize their games.


So, give it a read if you are into gaming and learn how you can make money by playing MMORPGs. Compete, win and earn, all at the same time.

This article is an absolute gem if you are confused with things related to NFTs. First, it introduces you to NFTs in the simplest way possible. It clearly shows the author’s in-depth knowledge about the topic and experience in the market.

Further, it talks about the five most expensive NFTs that have ever been sold.


If the market interests you but you are skeptical about it, do give this article a good read and I believe your doubts will be replaced by expert opinions. 

I guess the title says a lot about the article already. It covers the different appreciations scored by the NFTs so far and explains why they are still underrated.

It talks about normalizing NFTs. So far, the previous articles talked about NFTs and their implementations in games and arts. They didn’t focus on some of the most common use cases that are mostly ranging from households to offices.

If you are a techie who likes automation and blockchain, you should check this out. After all, it leaves behind a trail of interesting ideas that can be attempted.

You can consider this as one of those times where we  “saved the best for the last”. So do check it out.



NFTs have been a controversial topic for a long time and the reason is people’s non-familiarity about this subject.

So, we hope these articles above have helped you understand more about NFTs and what’s happening in the market right now.


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