4 Ways to Hack the FocusMe App When Locked in or Forced Mode is Enabled


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In this article, I will briefly talk about the following 4 ways to uninstall or exit out of the FocusMe app when you are locked in:

  1. Exiting FocusMe in the easiest way
  2. Uninstalling FocusMe when your plan is under force mode
  3. Using system restore to uninstall FocusMe
  4. Entire OS restore

Exiting FocusMe: The Easy Way

You can’t exit focus me when it is running.

If you didn’t change settings of FocusMe into something complicated like disabling uninstalling methods then you can be able to break focus me by:

  1. Exit out of Focus me by right-clicking in system tray in wWindows 10
  2. When you tried to uninstall focus me, if it shows the plan is still going then the only way to exit out is exiting all plans / disabling all plans!!

Uninstalling FocusMe when your Plan is Under Forced Mode

If you enabled Block task manager, Block command prompt, Disable command prompt scripts, Blocked date and time changing, Blocked W10 pc settings, protect uninstall…..Then there is only one way to uninstall focus me…


The below process is possible only if you didn’t enable 3rd party startup cleaners.

Installing 3rd party startup cleaners like iobit uninstaller, ccleaner,etc:

  1. Install iobit uninstaller
  2. Uninstall FocusMe app
  3. Then restart your pc

[note: If you want to stop using this method block all uninstalling websites so that you can’t uninstall or enable protect 3rd party startup cleaners]

Final method if above methods didn’t work for you:

  1. Open control panel
  2. Go to all control panel items
  3. Go to recovery settings
  4. Go to open system restore
  5. Then choose a restore point and go back to a restore point before installation

This article was also published on: https://treanches.digitalpress.blog/how-to-uninstall-focus-me-when-forced-mode-is-on/


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