15 Of The Least Successful Gender Reveals Of All Time


Gender reveals have become a little notorious these days, especially since the horrific El Dorado Fire was started by a gender reveal gone wrong earlier this year.


While that one might take the cake as the worst gender reveal of all time, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of stories out there about gender reveals that went awry.

There are all sorts of things that can cause a gender reveal to go a little off course. Maybe your ultrasound technician told you the wrong biological sex! Maybe your older child isn’t happy about welcoming a sibling! Or maybe you just have no idea how to work a smoke cannon and someone’s going to get hurt.


These gender reveal videos really include it all. Here are 15 of the funniest, totally unfortunate, least successful gender reveal videos that we could find on TikTok. May they serve as whatever the opposite of inspiration is the next time you’re planning your own.

‘100% BOY!’

It’s kind of amazing to realize that in this day and age, ultrasounds still get the biological sex of fetuses wrong … apparently all the time! This family was definitely surprised when their fourth daughter was born, but it seems like they handled it with a lot of humor.


I guess they’ll never know …

This definitely isn’t the only failed gender reveal video that involves kicking a soccer ball, but it’s definitely one of the funniest! It does definitely make you wonder if they ever found the soccer ball, or if they opted to find out the sex of their baby at the next doctor’s appointment (or at birth).


While the couple (and parents-to-be) in this gender reveal video are funny all on their own, the guy narrating is definitely hilarious. It’s also pretty funny that, apparently, the parents never really solved the mystery of whether or not they were expecting a biological boy or girl.

Umm …

I feel so bad for the couple in this gender reveal video! It looks like everything is set up pretty perfectly for their big moment — the sun is setting, the weather is gorgeous … but it’s just a little too windy. Or in this case, way too windy! The results just slip away.

He pulled a fast one.

This is possibly my favorite gender reveal video of the bunch because the parents are obviously so, so sure that they have a baby girl on the way. They had pink balloons, bought a ton of dresses, and so on … but surprise! Baby boy had a different idea entirely.


Maybe we should 86 the soccer balls.

Here’s another gender reveal fail that really underscores my earlier message that perhaps we should nix the idea of using soccer balls to tell us the sex of our babies. Because honestly? It seems like they’re pretty hard to control.


Big sister says nope!

These parents already have two daughters, and I guess they were really hoping for a boy. At least, their oldest daughter was. Otherwise, that is one of the most well-timed sad cries that I’ve ever seen in a gender reveal fail video.

Try again?

My favorite part of this gender reveal video is that the parents don’t even seem to care that it didn’t go the way they expected it to. I mean, one can assume that they hung the contraption back up eventually, but it’s pretty hilarious how they both just lose it and start laughing.

She quits!

So listen: First the mama-to-be has a hard time opening the popper, and then she gets a result that she apparently didn’t really want … it’s tough! One can assume she probably came around to the idea of having a baby boy eventually, but that first pop must have been hard to get over.

But what about everyone else?

This gender reveal fail is especially funny since everyone else obviously had no idea what was going on and if they should even bother to continue. I do feel bad for the woman who spoiled the surprise a little early, but everyone would have found out anyway.

This one is just silly.

This gender reveal video definitely shows that it’s important to make sure the person filming is totally ready before you set off your confetti cannon! Though it does look like it would have been a little challenging to see the result anyway.


Definitely read the details.

In this gender reveal video, it seems that whoever was in charge of ordering the cannons used for the big reveal didn’t read the fine print and ended up giving the expectant family the wrong color. You can see the confusion and bemusement on everyone’s faces!

Again … the directions!

This expectant couple seems happy with the result they got at their gender reveal, but they might have wanted to read the instructions about how to open the cannons in the first place. Luckily, no one got hurt in the making of this gender reveal video!

Big brother says no thanks!

In an ideal world, older siblings would always be excited about the impending arrival of their little brother or sister, but in the real world, that’s not necessarily the case! This little guy doesn’t seem especially happy about the fact that he’s got a little sister on the way, but surely he’ll change his tune when he meets her.


Unlike a lot of gender reveals that involve kicking some kind of ball into the air, the dad in this video actually makes it! But then he has a total Charlie Brown moment and falls flat on his back. Poor guy!



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