14 Photos of Interesting Hotels From Around the World » TwistedSifter

14 Photos of Interesting Hotels From Around the World » TwistedSifter

We think the photos of hotels that you’re about to see will make you want to book a trip really soon…because there’s just so much out there to see!

And these hotels have some unique aspects to them that make traveling a little bit more interesting.

Take a look!


I wanna go!

My hotel phone in Iceland has a special button that will wake you up if there are northern lights in the sky. from mildlyinteresting

Did you know about this?

The mirror in my hotel in Japan has a heated part that won’t steam up after a shower from mildlyinteresting

I’d love to see the inside!


These hostel rooms were made of recycled concrete cylinders. from mildlyinteresting

Help yourself!

The hotel I stayed at last weekend has a ‘Shower Beer’ fridge by the shower. from mildlyinteresting

And frustration!

this hotel in paris shows which languages the employees speak from mildlyinteresting


Definitely never seen this before.


My hotel room comes with a complimentary android phone with free data and calls from mildlyinteresting

And all night!

my hotel in TX has a TX shaped lazy river from mildlyinteresting

That stuff is pungent!


This airtight jar to keep your cannabis in at a Canadian motel. from mildlyinteresting

This looks like fun!

Stayed in a Boeing 747 converted to hostel at Arlanda airport, Sweden (Jumbo Stay) from mildlyinteresting

This place is wild.

Our hotel room bath filled up from the ceiling. from mildlyinteresting


A different kind of stay.

Hotel I stayed at was formerly a train station and had an actual train inside it, with rooms inside each car. from mildlyinteresting

Remember to wear flip flops in the shower!

Our hotel shower designed like a swimming pool from mildlyinteresting

We all do!


The shower in my hotel has a little cutout so you can turn it on before getting in. from mildlyinteresting

Brilliant idea.

The hotel I am staying at has the fire evacuation plans at ground level so you can see them if smoke has filled the hallways from mildlyinteresting

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